We Seek Your Expertise; EDF Releases Catch Shares Design Manual for Public Comment

Draft Catch Shares Design Manual - For public commentEffective design of a catch share program is the critical piece that can make all the difference in how the needs of a fishery and its fishing communities are met under catch shares management. Catch Shares Design Manual: A Guide for Fishermen and Managers provides information and recommendations to fishery managers and stakeholders on specific catch share design elements as they relate to conservation, economic, and social objectives.

EDF developed this manual to provide a roadmap to catch share design, drawing on the experience of hundreds of fisheries in over a dozen countries and expertise from over 30 fishery experts from around the world.

While the Manual is comprehensive, it is not prescriptive: It is a series of questions whose answers help guide and inform the catch share design process.  Detailed discussions of various design elements are coupled with tools (including charts, check-lists, and case studies) to outline and highlight options.

Today, we release the draft of the Manual and ask for your constructive feedback and comments. We seek your expertise to make the document even better and will incorporate comments into the final version to be released later this year.  We hope you will contribute to this document.  Please go to www.edf.org/catchshares to provide your review before September 30.

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One Comment

  1. Mark Edwards
    Posted September 25, 2009 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    How jolly … Limited Entry Permits and Catch Share Plans.

    You only have to look at Alaska’s commercial halibut fishery to see how destructive LEP’s are to the local fishing community. (and this is the success story of LEP’s !!!)

    Cost of license: any where up to 27 $ / lb.

    Price of halibut on key side: $3.50 !!!!!!

    The only winners are 1). original participants who were given a free allocation … and have then ripped off the newer generation of fishermen. and 2). the Banks offering 15 year loans against property such as your house!

    So …. who is really behind EDF and the push for LEP’s in both commercail AND sport fisheries?