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How can coral reef ecosystems be resilient to climate change?

Editor’s note: This is the sixth in a multi-part blog series, Fisheries for the Future, examining the impacts from climate change on global fisheries and the opportunities to address these emerging challenges. Throughout the series, we’ll be investigating how climate change will impact the world’s supply and distribution of fish and what we can do to ensure the most sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. Learn more about this work: Resilient Seas

Coral reefs are highly vulnerable to climate change and are already experiencing mass coral bleaching and die-off events worldwide. It’s no secret that coral reefs need our help. Recent estimates indicate that half of the Great Barrier Reef was decimated by bleaching events in 2016 and 2017. This trend is alarming on many levels. Coral reefs are a hotbed of biodiversity and abundance, and coral reef fisheries are critically important to the livelihood and food security concerns of millions of people — many of whom live in developing countries. Read More »

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How Many Catch Shares are Here in the U.S.?

Listing of U.S. Catch Share Programs

Listing of U.S. Catch Share Programs

People ask us this question all the time and the answer is 22, as compiled in a new infographic.  That’s not quite the answer to the ultimate question, but it’s still impressive.  There are 16 catch share programs in federal water and 6 in state waters covering more than 50 species.

The catch shares range from the tiny Mid-Atlantic Golden Tilefish Individual Transferable Quota Program to the catch share for enormous Bering Sea Pollock fishery which is split into three programs.  The catch shares cover fish species as well as shellfish like clams, and crustaceans like crab. 

We’ll be updating this list as time goes by so stay tuned.

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