EDF and Howard University Announce Partnership for Environmental Leadership

Howard UniversityLast week, EDF announced a new alliance with one of the nation’s premier historically black institutions, Howard University of Washington, DC. The “Partnership for Environmental Leadership” is an initiative that aims to provide an innovative introduction and unprecedented access to environmental careers for Howard students while providing diverse and premiere academic candidates to EDF and the greater environmental community.

The “Partnership for Environmental Leadership” is comprised of a recurring internship and graduate level fellowship for Howard students at EDF in addition to the collaborative development of sustainable curricula at the university and ongoing participation in EDF’s climate corps program. EDF’s Oceans program will be the first in the organization to offer a fellowship as a part of the collaboration.

As an Intern with the Oceans program for the past year and a Howard University senior developing a career in environmental advocacy, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most passionate and talented professionals in the field. During this time I’ve gained a deeper understanding of fisheries policy, marine science and the challenges of coastal communities, and I’m even more committed to contributing my talents to developing solutions to our greatest environmental challenges.

EDF’s and Howard’s partnership is simply one answer to the undying question, “How do we bring more communities, perspectives and ideas to the table?” Congruent with EDF’s other partnerships with Stanford and Princeton Universities, this joint effort with Howard continues to open the doors and develop future environmental leaders.

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