Live Panel Discussion Today- “Using Market Mechanisms to Support Sustainable Fisheries Management

What makes so many fisheries collapse? Why are dozens bouncing back? Can self-interest improve open-access fishing? Where does a McDonald’s “Filet-of-Fish” come from? How much is a wild fish worth on the market? Do monopolies help or hurt? Which regulations improve outcomes? Is competition good or bad? And whose ocean is it, anyway?

These are tough questions. But today three individuals plan to answer them with compelling stories.

Seven years ago, the Kinship Conservation fellowship began combining the best aspects of markets and conservation, and brought these three strangers together from southern Africa, California and Maryland. At the time, each focused on wildly different challenges – respectively, dam impacts, coastal management, wildlife resources – and unique perspectives: for-profit, non-profit, and government.

But now EDF’s Jamie Workman, Kate Bonzon, and Assistant Secretary at the Department of Commerce for Conservation and Management,  Eric Schwaab, are reuniting on the same panel  to argue which, when, why, where, for whom and how well-managed catch shares have become the most effective form of management to restore depleted ocean fisheries.

Kinship equipped them with unconventional leadership ideas, approaches, tools, and relationships – a combination that has begun to pay off in unexpected ways.

Watch their live panel discussion today, “Using Market Mechanisms to Support Sustainable Fisheries Management” streaming live at 3:30 pm Pacific Time.

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