New data shows Arizona EV jobs and investments Are soaring

This post was written by EDF’s Ellen Robo

One year ago this month, the Inflation Reduction Act put the pedal to the metal for investments in electric vehicle manufacturing – and it shows no sign of letting up.

In fact, U.S. EV investments are still growing at a breakneck pace.

In March, EDF and WSP USA released a report, U.S. Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Investments and Jobs: Characterizing the Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act after 6 Months. It found that more than $120 billion in investments and 143,000 new U.S. jobs had been announced in the last eight years – and more than 40% of those announcements happened since passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

We are now working on an update of that report, and we can share preliminary numbers for the state of Arizona.

Here’s what we found:

  • In our last report, in March, Arizona had $3.7 billion in announced EV manufacturing investments and 7,600 associated new jobs.
  • Now, Arizona has an estimated $10.9 billion in investments and 11,500 associated direct jobs.

That means announced EV investments in the state have almost tripled in the last six months alone.

We expect Arizona won’t be alone in seeing huge job growth and investment from the Inflation Reduction Act. The law has turbocharged EV markets in the U.S. And more EV’s on our roads will ultimately mean more Americans will save money on fuel and maintenance costs, and we’ll all have cleaner air to breathe and a safer climate.

Stay tuned for more results from our updated report.

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