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June 26th, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

Winston-Salem Journal – “At first light


“We can’t condemn the suppliers, but over time we can change the economic model. The notion of clean energy now holds a whole new meaning. It’s time to embrace it.”

The Ledger – “On Global Warming, Listen to NASA Rather Than Those Who Profit

By Debra Frances, resident of Lakeland, Florida

“Listening to and Exxon Mobil on global warming is akin to listening to big tobacco in the 1980s tell us smoking is harmless…. I would rather listen to NASA any day. NASA reported that April this year was the hottest April on record. NASA says, “It is nearly certain that a new 12-month global temperature record will be set in 2010.” The last 12-month record was 2007. These record-breaking temperatures are coming thick and fast. We can discuss global means and record sets, but the overall trend is apparent.”

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Clean Energy Pioneers: Building a Stronger Western Economy

This post was written by Dan Grossman, Rocky Mountain Regional Director and Senior Counsel to the Land Conservation and Wildlife Program at the Environmental Defense Fund.

Westerners are pioneering a new frontier of economic opportunity through homegrown clean energy solutions. The Clean Energy Pioneers website chronicles the people, businesses and communities across the intermountain West who are laying the foundation for the nation’s clean energy economy.

A new publication out this week, Clean Energy Pioneers: Building a Stronger Western Economy [PDF], compiles some of these stories. Here are just a few:

The release of these inspiring stories coincides with the Western Governors’ Association annual meeting this weekend, where the governors will be gathering to celebrate “100 Years of Common Ground” in working together to protect the region’s natural resources.

Not only will clean energy conserve our natural resources and improve our air quality, it will also boost our local economies and strengthen our energy security.  According to Rich O’Connell, Director of the Logan County, Colo. Economic Development Corp and one of the pioneers quoted in the report, “Wind energy generates income for families and it grows the tax base to build roads, bridges, schools and social services.”

The West is investing in its future by establishing clean energy education and training programs at community colleges to help create the workforce of tomorrow.  New Mexico and Colorado are each home to over a half dozen of such educational centers.

As Tyson Ramseier, a pioneer featured in the report who will graduate in May 2011 from the Wind Energy Technician program at Colorado’s Northeastern Junior College, so cogently put it,

“[Renewable energy] will not only improve the economy by generating cleaner and cheaper electricity, but it also provides jobs as well.”

Clean Energy Pioneers:  Building a Stronger Western Economy complements the Clean Energy Pioneers multimedia project documented by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, Western Resource Advocates and Environmental Defense Fund.

Download Clean Energy Pioneers: Building a Stronger Western Economy [PDF].

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June 25th, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

The Times Ledger – “Country’s security dependent upon energy legislation

By Joseph O. Monitt, executive director of the Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council

“We must let our elected officials, specifically Sen. Arlen Specter, of Philadelphia, and Sen. Bob Casey, of Scranton, know that we need them to be leaders in passing strong climate and energy legislation, not simply energy legislation, and that we need it now. We cannot afford to wait for another environmental disaster to occur in order to move forward, toward a clean energy economy in America.”

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The latest on the climate bill

Climate Progress has a new poll from the Wall Street Journal showing yet again that Americans support a comprehensive climate and energy bill. A thousand people were asked:

“Do you support or oppose an energy proposal designed to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, even if it means an increase in the cost of energy?”

The majority said they would support the proposal. Treehugger also has the details.

Mother Jones highlights the joint statement issued by state and national environmental groups, including the Environmental Defense Fund, urging Senators to act on climate.

“With millions of gallons spilled in the Gulf of Mexico and a billion dollars a day going overseas for imported oil, we can no longer afford to delay our transition to clean energy. As President Obama told the nation last Tuesday night, “For decades we have failed to act with the sense of urgency that this challenge requires” and we must not “settle for the paltry limits of conventional wisdom.” The time has come to act.”

E2 reports that Thursday’s democratic caucus was a huge success.

“’A number of senators said this was the best caucus they’ve ever attended,’ Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) said at a press conference after the meeting. ‘It was really very, very powerful. It was inspirational, quite frankly.'”

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New Report Provides Comparison of Energy, Oil Savings and Climate Policies

A new report by Resources for the Future, “Toward a New National Energy Policy: Assessing the Options,” provides a thorough analysis of the various energy, oil savings and climate policies currently under debate. The analysis is especially helpful because it employs an “apples to apples” comparison approach by running differing policies through the same economic model and scoring them on the same two effectiveness metrics:“reduction in barrels of oil consumed and reduction in tons of CO2 emitted.” The model also tallies the projected costs of each policy allowing for a cost-effectiveness analysis.  The report does not allow for political calculations but does provide a good basis for policy comparisons.

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June 24th, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

The Huffington Post“Why the Senate needs to keep the Change in Climate change”

By David Yarnold, Executive Director of EDF

“The oil spill has served as a stark reminder of the costs of our national addiction to fossil fuels. The polluted waters and crude-covered pelicans remind us of the ever- more-dangerous methods we must undertake to drill for oil.”

“We have seen too many well-meaning, and even well-timed, efforts at energy reform over the years. Half-solutions are not solutions. We need to put a price on carbon.”

Treasure Coast Palm “A Few Better Recipients of Rep. Barton’s Apologies”

By Rachael Carson-Zerbe, Vero Beach

“Big oil killed the electric car. It campaigned against solar and wind power. It has done all it can to make us completely dependent on oil.  The true costs of oil are never factored in: war, damage to our environment or global climate change.”

“Let’s all move forward together for a sane energy policy and leave a planet behind for our children to cherish and care for as Mother Earth deserves.”

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