June 26th, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

Winston-Salem Journal – “At first light


“We can’t condemn the suppliers, but over time we can change the economic model. The notion of clean energy now holds a whole new meaning. It’s time to embrace it.”

The Ledger – “On Global Warming, Listen to NASA Rather Than Those Who Profit

By Debra Frances, resident of Lakeland, Florida

“Listening to ClimateDepot.com and Exxon Mobil on global warming is akin to listening to big tobacco in the 1980s tell us smoking is harmless…. I would rather listen to NASA any day. NASA reported that April this year was the hottest April on record. NASA says, “It is nearly certain that a new 12-month global temperature record will be set in 2010.” The last 12-month record was 2007. These record-breaking temperatures are coming thick and fast. We can discuss global means and record sets, but the overall trend is apparent.”

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