The voices of a new clean energy future – June 16th, 2010

The Huffington Post“BP Disaster: Wake Up American and Smell the Crude Oil”

By Christine Pelosi, Campaign Boot Camp author and California DNC member

“Most Americans do see a connection between the BP disaster and America’s addiction to oil that leaves us beholden to the hazards of extractive technologies and the perils of oil-rich dictators.”

“The public is there, the House Democrats are there — time for the President to move the Senate to ‘create a new energy policy that speaks to our dependence on foreign oil and deals seriously with global warming,’ Now that’s change I can believe in.”

The Huffington Post “The President’s Oval Office Address and What’s Next”

By Al Gore, Former Vice President, Chairman of Current TV

“I applaud President Obama’s call for a comprehensive legislative solution to the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.”

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