June 24th, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

The Huffington Post“Why the Senate needs to keep the Change in Climate change”

By David Yarnold, Executive Director of EDF

“The oil spill has served as a stark reminder of the costs of our national addiction to fossil fuels. The polluted waters and crude-covered pelicans remind us of the ever- more-dangerous methods we must undertake to drill for oil.”

“We have seen too many well-meaning, and even well-timed, efforts at energy reform over the years. Half-solutions are not solutions. We need to put a price on carbon.”

Treasure Coast Palm “A Few Better Recipients of Rep. Barton’s Apologies”

By Rachael Carson-Zerbe, Vero Beach

“Big oil killed the electric car. It campaigned against solar and wind power. It has done all it can to make us completely dependent on oil.  The true costs of oil are never factored in: war, damage to our environment or global climate change.”

“Let’s all move forward together for a sane energy policy and leave a planet behind for our children to cherish and care for as Mother Earth deserves.”

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