Climate highlights from the past few days

On E2, Senator Kerry explains his position on climate policy.

“If we are going to get serious, we have to price carbon. There are many different ways of doing that. I am not locked in to one single way of doing it.”

Green Inc. highlights a new study proving once again that

“the vast majority of the world’s active climate scientists accept the evidence for global warming as well as the case that human activities are the principal cause of it.”

On Treehugger, climate change and clean energy are listed as priorities on the G20 summit agenda.

“We reiterate our commitment to a green recovery and to sustainable global growth, including through investments in clean energy. We reaffirm our resolve to address climate change and to continue to engage constructively in the negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change towards a post-2012 climate change regime with the participation of all major economies.”

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