June 23, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

The Huffington Post “Learning from The Gulf Oil Spill Could Save Our Planet”

By James M. Gentile, President of Research Corporation for Science Advancement

“If nothing else, the oil plumes are silent evidence that some challenges are so big and consequential that we can no longer simply assume that we will somehow muddle through. What’s desperately needed here is the organized ability to think broadly, think radically, and then act – surely and swiftly.”

“Ironically, what we learn from the Gulf oil spill could well save our planet. The question is: Will we learn?”

The Huffington Post – “Disaster in the Gulf: Making Sure it Never Happens Again

By Byron Kennard, Founder of Center for Small Business and the Environment

“Now I imagine that we will probably find and fix whatever technical malfunction caused the Deepwater Horizon explosion. But this is no way to make sure it never happens again. To do this, we must change course.”

“The report outlines a time-line for this transition and shows how costs will be offset with real economic gains. ‘We can build whole new industries and create millions of new jobs,’ Google declares. ‘We can cut energy costs, both at the gas pump and at home. We can improve our national security. And we can put a big dent in climate change.’”

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