Study Finds Plenty of Low-Cost Ways to Cut Emissions

This post is by Keith Gaby, communications director for the national climate campaign at Environmental Defense.

When politicians hesitate to act on global warming, one of the concerns we hear is that cutting the pollution that causes global warming could cost too much. More and more evidence is piling up to show that’s just not true. For one, we have to take into account the cost of not doing anything.

But just as important, the cost of doing what we need to is much less than people fear. A study released today by researchers at McKinsey & Company shows how much is already in our reach.

The McKinsey study finds that we can cut our projected emissions by at least a third, and possibly as much as one-half, by 2030 – without major technology breakthroughs or lifestyle changes. See more highlights from the study and the full report.

Congress already has plenty of reasons to act quickly. This study shows we have the tools we need. It’s time to move!

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