June 29, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

Post-gazette.com“We must change our oil-guzzling ways”

By Aaron Misera of Lower Burrel

“The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is obviously a terrible incident. However, it truly is a metaphor for America and our arrogance toward energy and environmental policy, not to mention the American lifestyle. Our unquenchable thirst for cheap, dirty, limited fuel pushes our ingenuity and technology to create a disaster.”

“Oil is limited, but our ingenuity and drive are endless, so let’s use these for the better of our society and change ourselves.”

NewHavenRegister.com“China’s solar lead should spur US”

By Bruce Deegan of North Branford

“As the ongoing catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico continues, it’s pretty obvious how badly we need to begin moving away from dependence on oil and toward a future of cleaner, renewable energy. This would not only be a valuable source of desperately needed jobs, but also create a more sustainable future.”

“The time for dithering is over; now’s the time for Congress to enact a transformative energy policy that can sensibly and reliably meet the needs of our nation for the 21st century.”

The Voices of a New Clean Energy Future is a series from individuals who understand the importance of passing comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation – business leaders, politicians, policy experts, and concerned citizens like you. EDF is proud to highlight their voices and contributions to the climate and energy debate.

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