A note from our interns-send us your letters!

As interns for the National Climate Campaign, one of our responsibilities is to deliver letters from constituents directly to their senators.  We go to Capitol Hill everyday, carrying hundreds of letters and petitions, hoping to pass on the word to Senators that citizens in their states support comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation.

We all love being a part of this awesome process.   We know that people in the environmental community support a strong, comprehensive clean energy bill but we have been blown away with the influx of letters from Americans from all walks of life calling for clean energy.

Single moms, factory workers and concerned students alike are writing in to tell their senators that clean energy and climate are important to them.  And we’re just happy to be able to pass their sentiments along. Here is just one of the great letters we have come across so far:

Time is running out with the Senate vote set for mid-July.

Please go here for details on how to get your letters into Senators hands ASAP.

-The National Climate Campaign Interns: Olivia Rogan, Lian Han, Kyle Hertzberg and Anna Pickren

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