The Latest on the Oil Spill and Webinar Announcement

E2 gives a round-up of the latest news on the oil spill. Doug Suttles, chief operating officer of exploration and production for London-based BP, describes the current plan for containment.

“The 125-ton, 40-foot-tall steel box designed to capture 85 percent of the oil will be shipped today at noon, and it will take an additional 60 hours to put it on the seafloor, Suttles said. A drill ship would collect the oil from a 5,000-foot riser and separate it from water and gas.”

The Energy Collective is hosting a live webcast featuring Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, and Energy Collective featured bloggers Marc Gunther and Jesse Jenkins. To hear their take on how the Gulf oil spill and other factors are effecting the chances of climate legislation, sign up and tune in Thursday, May 6, 11:30am. You can also submit your own questions live during the event.

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