Blog highlights from the last few days

Dot Earth focuses on the speech Senator Kerry gave at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference, an event highlighting employment opportunities in the nascent green economy. Kerry reminds us that:

We cannot drill and burn our way out of danger. But we can invent and invest our way out of it by fully and passionately supporting a shift to a clean energy economy that will allow America to do what it always does – to lead the way into the future.”

Green Inc. points to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administrations showing that green jobs are on the rise.

E2 has Reid hopeful that  “the Gulf of Mexico oil spill should accelerate efforts to move energy legislation that boosts alternative sources.“

Reid explains:

“So I think, rather than slow us up, I think it [the spill] should expedite our doing energy legislation.”

Treehugger brings news of progress being made in the oil spill containment effort. “BP succeeded in plugging one of the three leaks that are spewing vast quantities of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. This was done with the help of underwater remotely operated vehicles; the robots were able to place a special valve on the leaking drill pipe on the sea floor, about 5,000 feet deep.”

Treehugger also applauds Google’s $39 million investment in wind farms in North Dakota.

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