The voices of a new clean energy future – June 14, 2010 – “Five Pillars of a New Sustainability”

By Henry Dubroff, a writer and entrepreneur, and by John J. Huggins, an entrepreneur and investor

“The environmental, economic and personal tragedy unfolding on the Gulf Coast is a clarion call to the country to redefine, expand and embrace the idea of sustainability.”

“There are five pillars of an economy that can grow and sustain itself for decades without bringing us to the edge — or perhaps over the edge — of an ecological catastrophe that was man-made and therefore utterly avoidable. Instead of tweaking a few regulations or adding a chapter or two to compliance manuals and pretending the problem has been fixed, the Deepwater Horizon debacle demands a major overhaul of our energy thinking.”

“Achieving a new balance of energy sources, environmental policies and economic stewardship won’t happen overnight. But “sustainability” broadly defined becomes both a solution and a goal for moving us forward toward a better future for ourselves, our children and our world.”

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