Murkowski Resolution defeated

After hours of lengthy debate last Thursday, Senator Murkowski’s resolution of disapproval which declared that greenhouse gases do not pose a threat to public health and therefore should not be regulated by the EPA, was voted down on the Senate floor. This is good news but what does it mean for the chances of climate bill?

E2 has a note from ClearView Energy Partners, a consulting firm, which explains that

“No Republicans voted against the resolution. This does not mean, however, that that all 41 Republicans will vote against a climate bill that could deliver substantial economic benefits to their states. Although American Power Act architect Lindsey Graham (R-SC) remains opposed to the legislation he helped craft, we reiterate that, with (a) a pro-drilling, pro-safety compromise that provides political “containment” of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill; and (b) explicit support by coal state Democrats, Senator Graham and other green-leaning Republicans may find themselves with the opportunity to negotiate even greater provisions on behalf of their constituents in return for offering the decisive votes in support of passage (60 Senate votes would be required).”

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