Clean Energy Conferences Roundup: April 2014

Source: National Retail Federation Flickr

Source: National Retail Federation Flickr

Thousands of clean energy conferences are held every year across the United States. A quick Google search revealed over 1.5 million results for 2014 alone. That’s why, starting this month, in an effort to save our readers time, the Energy Exchange will be endeavoring to round up a monthly list of some of the top clean energy conferences around the country. Our list includes conferences at which experts from the EDF Clean Energy Program will be speaking, plus additional events that we think our readers may benefit from marking on their calendars.

Top clean energy conferences featuring EDF experts in April:

April 2-4: Wall St. Journal ECO:nomics, Santa Barbara, CA
Speaker: Fred Krupp, President

  • Each year, top CEOs and investors, pioneering entrepreneurs, environmental experts, and policy makers convene at ECO:nomics to discuss and debate the most critical issues facing leaders who are driving change at the intersection of business and the environment. Experts from a diverse range of industries will debunk myths and uncover new opportunities through dynamic interviews led by senior editors from The Wall Street Journal. Topics range from America’s game-changing natural gas boom to China’s globally significant energy appetite to the range of potential power sources of tomorrow.

April 7-9: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit 2014, New York, NY
Speaker: Victoria Mills, Managing Director of EDF Climate Corps

  • The NEF Summit is a forum at the nexus of energy markets, industry, finance and policy. Over three days, the Summit will focus on specific themes, such as technology in energy and the state of innovation in areas like solar and wind energy, and feature the world’s pioneering leaders on each topic. The highly topical content is delivered through engaging panel discussions, informative breakout sessions and provoking keynote addresses.

April 9: CleanTech Future Conference III, Phoenix, AZ
Speaker: Jamie Fine, Senior Economist

  • CleanTech Future Conference III brings together the top innovators, corporations, government agencies, investors, and thought leaders, in a conference designed as a platform specifically to present and improve upon the plan for the transition to a sustainable energy future and the plethora of opportunities that will emerge as we do so.  Topics will center around “the state of innovation” for clean technologies including renewables, energy storage, smart grid, distributed generation, biofuels, micro grids, small scale nuclear, and much more. Register here.

April 15-16: 15th PLMA Spring Conference, Denver, CO
Speaker: Jamie Fine, Senior Economist

  • The PLMA Conference will provide real-world insight from market practitioners, technology firms, and energy utilities/marketers active in the demand response marketplace. Energy utility/marketer professionals, regulatory, and business professionals responsible for demand response, as well as industry advisors, will discuss current topics affecting DR programs in various sectors such as public power and competitive energy providers. Register here.

April 24-25: SURFA: Financial Forum of the Society of Utility and Regulatory Financial Analysts, Indianapolis, IN
Speaker: Diane Munns, Director of Clean Energy Collaboration

  • The SURFA Forum will explore “The Regulatory Compact” from many facets. The Forum will have representatives from each of the major rating agencies, equity analysts, a treasurer from some of the largest gas, electric and water utilities in the country, and representatives from the regulatory community. The Forum will provide a better understanding of current cost of capital issues affecting the regulated utility industry for attorneys, utility company staffs, regulatory commissioners, and staff, as well as consumer advocate agencies. Register here.

Other top clean energy conferences across the U.S. in April:

April 1-3: Power Industry Transformation Summit, San Francisco, CA

  • The Power Industry Transformation Summit will bring together regulators, utilities, energy consumers, and the distributed generation, energy storage, micogrid, and smart grid communities to explore new opportunities and develop solutions to challenges facing the industry. Register here.

April 3-4: Sixth Annual Green Technologies Conference, Corpus Christi, TX

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Green Technologies Conference is an exciting conference to share and learn cutting-edge information on green technologies. Stimulating talks on a diverse list of topics, a panel discussion on wind integration technologies, and a half-day workshop on International Association of Electrical Inspectors’s Photovoltaic System Requirements are part of this technical conference. Register here.

April 8-9: Military Smart Grids & Microgrids Symposium, Washington, DC

  • This program unites the key planners and technical experts who are leading the way in developing smart and microgrid systems. Emerging government and military spending on “smartgrid” technologies will include advanced metering, transmission efficiencies, smart switches, enhanced demand response capabilities, distribution automation, energy management systems, plus many other technologies. Register here.

April 9-11: Utility Analytics Summit, Durham, NC

  • This annual strategic conference addresses the unique issues and complexities utility professionals encounter from grid analytics, customer analytics, and analytics infrastructure initiatives. Hear from thought-provoking speakers and gain insights on the changes for today’s and tomorrow’s utilities, and how analytics can help utilities adapt to those changes, and even embrace them. Register here.

April 14-16: GTM Solar Summit 2014, Phoenix, AZ

  • Solar Summit is Greentech Media’s flagship annual solar conference that focuses on global market trends, relevant technologies, and project finance. With sessions on everything from Latin American market dynamics to  PV balance-of-system innovations, Solar Summit attracts high-level decision makers from all areas of the industry. Register here.

April 14-17: 2014 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition: The Next Fifty, Chicago, IL

  • This event, sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power Engineering Society Transmission & Distribution Organizing Committee, the City of Chicago, and ComEd, will showcase the technologies, products, companies, and minds that will lead our industry through the next fifty years – and beyond. Register here.

April 16: SmartGrid Technology 2020, Los Angeles, CA

  • University of California, Los Angeles Smart Grid Energy Research Center (UCLA SMERC) will host a summit to discuss advanced technology demonstrations planning from now until 2020, as well as to present the goals and processes for their existing Industry Partners Program. At this summit, UCLA SMERC will present a framework for a top-level architecture of their smart grid development efforts. Register here.

April 22-23: 2014 NC Annual Sustainable Energy Conference, Raleigh, NC

  • Hosted by the State Energy Program of the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources, this conference is an essential gathering for networking, professional enrichment, and that spark of inspiration. A catalyst of the energy economy in North Carolina, speakers, panelists, exhibitors, and sponsors engage in this two day event covering themes like Energy Policy, Infrastructure and resource exploration, energy finance and jobs, utility savings initiative, smart grid, and renewables. Register here.

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