More Good News to Celebrate this Earth Day

We blogged yesterday about the latest Next 10 report that analyzes the economic impacts of policies designed to help California reduce its climate pollution. It notes California’s record-breaking pace on clean energy funding and innovation, while reducing pollution and growing its economy. Since 1990, California’s gross domestic product (GDP) expanded 16 percent while carbon emissions per capita fell.

Today, a new report released by Environment America finds that the 10 Northeastern states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) have seen similar results. The states cut per capita carbon emissions 20 percent faster than the rest of the nation from 2000-2009 while regional per capital GDP grew 87 percent faster.

Add this good news to the findings of a report released last November—which estimated that investments made by RGGI states in its first three years of operation added economic value worth more than $1.6 billion (nearly $33 per person) and 16,000 jobs—and you have further proof that strong environmental policies deliver economic benefits to states that lead on climate change. That is worth celebrating on Earth Day.

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