Keeping Our Heads in the Sand

The more things change the more they stay the same in the Texas Senate. While many Senators said they had epiphanies on global warming as a result of briefings from scientists in the UK and Texas A&M, the Senate continues to cave-in to the worst part of the business community when the rubber meets the road. The latest disappointment is the failure of SB988, which merely asks agencies to begin planning for the impacts of global warming such as droughts and hotter summers.

No one had to accept the scientific consensus that humans are in large part to blame for global warming. The bill would have merely required contingent planning for impacts we are already seeing (note this month’s large wildfires). Many other states are doing this rational planning. Senator Fraser, Seliger, Hegar, Jackson, Estes, and Deuell voted to keep this state’s head in the sand. Kudos to Senators Averitt, Eltife, Uresti, and Hinojosa.

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