Yesterday’s blog highlights

Grist asks “In wake of Gulf spill, should this be the summer of energy reform?” Their answer, of course, is yes.

“Is there any good reason why President Obama, Congress, and the nation shouldn’t spend the summer figuring out an energy-reform plan that would get us started in replacing oil and coal with clean, sustainable energy sources?”

On triplepundit, a new poll shows that

“more than 6,000 American businesses support clean energy and climate legislation, including nearly a quarter of the Fortune 100.”

Climate Progress highlights  a new WWF report which

reveals the potential for U.S. market share in clean technology deployment in the developing world….The report finds that if the U.S. is able to capture a 14% market share of this potential clean tech export market—on par with our current market share in environmental goods and services in developing countries—280,000-850,000 new, long-term American jobs would result.”

E2 has Senator Lieberman optimistic about the chances of the climate bill. He said

“I hope that sometime in June we’re going to be able to prove to Sen. Reid that we’re in the range of 60.”

Also on E2, President Obama pushes for a climate and energy bill at the Republican caucus.

“’On energy, the President told the conference that the gulf oil disaster should heighten our sense of urgency to hasten the development of new, clean energy sources that will promote energy independence and good-paying American jobs,’ the White House said in a statement after the meeting. “

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