In the wake of the Gulf oil tragedy, voters are more likely to support a climate bill

A new poll shows that voters across the nation are now even more likely to support a climate bill due to the tragic events unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. Past polls have shown that there is strong public support for a climate bill however there had been speculation in the media that the Gulf oil spill would make passing a climate bill this year more difficult. This poll proves just the opposite. Americans are more ready that ever to end their dependence on fossil fuels and starting moving towards a clean energy future. Fence-sitting Senators should take note.

  • 61% of voters polled support a climate bill “that will limit pollution, invest in domestic energy sources and encourage companies to use and develop clean energy. It would do this in part by charging energy companies for carbon pollution in electricity or fuels like oil.”
  • 54% would be more likely to re-elect their Senator if he or she voted for the bill
  • 51% would be less likely to re-elect their Senator if he or she voted against the bill
  • 59% of voters agree that “Now is the time for Senators to take action. Oil companies and lobbyists have fought energy reform for decades to protect their profits. Our dependence on oil hurts our economy, helps our enemies and puts our security at risk. It’s time to put America back in control – with clean energy that’s made in America and works for America.”
  • 39% of voters now say they are even “more likely to support a climate bill in the wake of the oil spill.”

The poll findings are a result of 650 telephone interviews conducted May 4th and 5th, 2010 nationwide with a sampling of registered voters who are likely to vote in the 2010 Congressional elections. Read these poll highlights and commentary on the The New Republic.

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