Yesterday’s blog highlights

Grist walks us through the new CBO analysis “How Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Affect Employment” and explains how the analysis falls short “in capturing the upside potential” of a smart climate and energy policy.

Climate Progress has Senators Kerry and Lieberman’s joint statement on the release of the climate bill this Wednesday. In the statement they say:

“Our optimism is bolstered because there is a growing and unprecedented bi-partisan coalition from the business, national security, faith and environmental communities that supports our legislation and is energized to work hard and get it passed.”

On The New York Times Room for Debate blog, key thought leaders and journalists covering climate debate whether the climate bill actually has a chance at passage this year. There is a fair amount of optimism in the crowd.

“Environmental disasters have historically served as the inspiration for landmark legislation.” Kate Shepard of Mother

I am optimistic about decarbonization. Despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, reducing emissions will be relatively fast and inexpensive. There are huge opportunities for low-cost (or negative-cost) emission reductions just waiting to be exploited.” David Roberts of

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