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New Commissioner Should Push For More Energy Efficiency In Texas

This commentary originally appeared on EDF’s Energy Exchange blog.

This week the Texas Legislature convened for its third Special Session in a row, yet the state’s electricity market still sits at a crossroads.  The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC), Texas’ governing body for electricity, has been at a stalemate since Commissioner Rolando Pablos stepped down in February.  The two remaining commissioners, Chairman Donna Nelson and Ken Anderson, seem to be waiting on a third deciding member to step up and address the looming Texas Energy Crunch.  With the PUC divided and the legislature nearly adjourned, the state looks to Governor Perry to appoint a third commissioner to the PUC—breaking the longstanding stalemate on Texas’ power supply.

When appointed, the new commissioner will be in unique position to champion innovative, common-sense solutions to solve the Texas Energy Crunch.  One of the most expedient and cost-effective ways to bolster the state’s electricity supply is to reduce the amount of energy needed to fuel our commercial buildings and homes through energy efficiency upgrades.  In an upcoming post, I’ll discuss innovative ways to weigh the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades versus new fossil-fueled power plants.  For now, though, let’s review where energy efficiency stands in Texas today.

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Responding To Texas’ Environmental Reality

Source: Texas Tribune

This weekend Governor Perry lead a rally in Houston, Texas called “The Response.”  As he spoke in Houston about praying for guidance, and for our nation and its leaders, I thought about what I hope for Texas and for Governor Perry.

  •  I hope that after he leaves Houston he helps to enact policies that help it rise from its rating as one of the nation’s most toxic cities.  

Most of all, I pray that Governor Perry will realize that regulating air pollution isn’t about “States’ Rights,” it’s about preventing terrifying trips to the emergency room with a child who is having an asthma attack, wondering whether you will get there fast enough to save them. Our health, our children’s health and the health of our planet are under constant attack.  As we look for guidance from above, maybe we should be more vigilant in protecting what we have been given.

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