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A Cleaner 2011

It’s that time of year again – to commit to a new year’s resolution so that you might improve yourself in 2011.  As you come up with your own, tell us what they are and help inspire our Governor and Attorney General to commit to their own New Year’s Resolution. 

With a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall, we think it’s high time that Governor Perry and Attorney General Abbott commit to spending less tax payer money to fund frivolous lawsuits to help our state’s major polluters. 

Over the last year they have filed countless motions and suits in federal court aimed at circumventing federal laws that would require Texas to follow the same basic air quality standards followed by all the other 49 states.  After their loss yesterday, we think it’s time they gave up.

I think Texas is special myself, but it is because of that belief that I think we should do everything possible to make sure Texans are  breathing clean air and that we are preserving our environment for future generations.

Join us in asking the Governor and Attorney General to give up the frivolous law suits in 2011!  Save taxpayer money and the environment!

After all it was the Governor himself who has committed to stemming the flow of frivolous lawsuits.

Email the Governor Your Resolution and Tell Him To Commit To No Lawsuits For Polluters in 2011. 

Email the Attorney Your Resolution and Tell Him To Commit To No Lawsuits For Polluters in 2011.    


Send us a message on Twitter with the hashtag #CleanAir2011

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