Don’t Miss the Biggest Climate March Ever!

Thirteen of the 14 hottest years on record have all occurred since 2000. So when it comes to climate justice, are you going to sit on the sidelines or be part of the solution? If you want to act on climate change, join your fellow Texans at the “Shield the People Climate March” in Austin this Sunday, September 21. EDF will be out in force joining together with faith groups, labor unions, community associations, environmental justice organizations, and a broad coalition of people calling for action to reduce climate change pollution.

The Austin event is a local response to the “People’s Climate March” taking place on the same day in New York City, which is being billed as the largest climate march in history. The backdrop for this historic day of action is a special summit at the United Nations that will bring world leaders together to act on the climate crisis. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon even recently announced that he “will link arms with those marching for climate action.” World leaders, including President Obama, need to hear from the public loud and clear that we can’t afford to wait any longer.

Every social movement from women’s suffrage to civil rights reaches a point in time where ordinary citizens gather en masse to call for a change to the status quo. When looking at the devastating effects of climate change, including more intense and unpredictable weather catastrophes, higher food prices, and negative health effects, and their disproportionate burden on low income communities, it’s clear that the climate justice movement is a social movement and the time to act is now.

Although much more needs to be done, the proposed Clean Power Plan from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is an important step in reducing carbon pollution. This plan will establish the first ever limits on carbon pollution from the largest source – power plants. EDF is fighting vigorously to defend and advance this plan, but we need your help too. Tell Congress that you support strong standards on carbon pollution.

When faced with a challenge as wide-reaching as climate change, all of our communities around the country and the world must come together and join forces. The People’s Climate March on Sunday is the visible fabric of what binds us together: a hope for a secure and healthy future and the determination to make that happen.

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