Shutting Down Dirty Coal


This commentary was originally posted on the EDF Energy Exchange Blog by Michael Regan.

EDF helped write another chapter in the history book on polluting coal generation this week. Along with our partners, we announced a settlement with North Carolina-based Duke Energy that will legally require the utility to retire more than 1,600 megawatts of coal-fired generation.

The retiring plants represent about 4.5 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), 30,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and over 5,000 tons of nitrogen dioxide (NOx) annually. People who live near or downwind of one of those plants have reason to celebrate.

Retiring the oldest, dirtiest and least efficient facilities requires Duke Energy to head toward cleaner generation and modernization of its fleet. That’s good news for everyone, considering Duke’s proposed merger with Progress Energy will create the largest utility in the country.

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