Mistrust Of White Stallion Continues

This week, the Lower Colorado River Authority refused to discuss a water contract for White Stallion, a coal-fired power plant being proposed in Matagorda County, Texas. If you’ve been following our updates on White Stallion, it may come as no surprise that those behind the plans for the coal plant continue down a path of mistrust.

On Wednesday, August 3, 2011, LCRA issued a statement that a board meeting to discuss the White Stallion proposed water contract had been postponed indefinitely. The postponement comes after White Stallion requested changes to the original proposed contract; some changes were unprecedented for an LCRA water contract.

Among the changes to the original contract was a reduction in the amount of water reservation fees White Stallion would initially pay. These fees would fund future LCRA water supply projects which would offset the impact of the White Stallion water contract. In the midst of a record Texas drought – proposing to pay less to fund water supply projects, while imposing pollution, seems like an unfair deal for the LCRA and State of Texas.

The proposed water contract changes are the latest in a string of broken promises, providing more evidence that White Stallion continues to be deceitful about their intentions.

In June, I wrote about our court win against White Stallion, regarding two conflicting site plans for air permit applications with US Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

We’ll update you as more information surfaces.

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