Cleaning Texas’ Air Does Not Mean Catastrophe

Governor Perry, TCEQ Chairman Bryan Shaw and others were quick to assert that EPA’s new Cross-State Air Pollution rule would result in a catastrophe for Texas.  They talked about power outages and lost jobs.  They overlooked the saved lives and billions of dollars in health savings that the rule would bring not only for Texas but the rest of the nation. 

A new report from Bernstein Research shows that Governor Perry and Chairman Shaw are acting less like a public officials and more like Chicken Little.  The report shows that coal operations could continue in Texas if plants would run the scrubbers they have already installed. 

Yes, despite what you have heard, massive investments in new technology are not required.  Coal-fired power plants in Texas could simply use the technology they already have.

According to the report, companies like NRG Energy and American Electric Power (AEP) could even stand to make money in Texas, selling off SO2 allowances. 

The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will save lives and billions of dollars.  Utilities have had plenty of time to prepare for this. It’s time to stop playing political games with people’s health and safety and move forward.

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