EPA Administrator makes first visit Texas

Yesterday, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson visited the lone star state for the first time as EPA administrator. The purpose of her visit was to highlight an electronics recycling stewardship program, a strategy promoting  “the responsible electronic design, purchasing, management and recycling that will promote the burgeoning electronics recycling market and jobs of the future here at home. The announcement today includes the first voluntary commitments made by Dell, Sprint and Sony to EPA’s industry partnership aimed at promoting environmentally sound management of used electronics.”

While in town, the Administrator and White House Council of Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley met with some local Texas environmental groups on current EPA activities. While the Administrator said that recent rhetoric inside the beltway in DC has been toxic, she is inspired by the millions of Americans who support EPA’s efforts in securing cleaner air and cleaner water for the nation.  The Administrator continues to do her job to bring better public health protections to millions of Americans in spite of the dogged attempts by others to delay and deny clean air and water protections.

We look forward to the day when Texas officials stop throwing money away on lawsuits attempting to stymie public health protections and concentrate on moving Texas forward.  We hope Administrator Jackson and the EPA continue these important clean air standards that will save lives and money for Texas and the nation. In the mean time, thank you Administrator Jackson for your continued perseverance in protecting us from harmful health effects of environmental pollutants!

Side Note: Administrator Jackson was recently named one of Time Magazine’s 2011 “Most Influential People in the World” for the second year in a ro

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