Hypocrisy In Action

This doesn’t require a lot rhetoric or discussion.  Hypocrisy in action is like a truck driver ballet, it’s painful, but you have to look.

Take a look at this PDF – it’s what Attorney General Abbott filed December 30th, 2010 as part of their latest frivolous lawsuit against the EPA on Green House Gas permitting.   You’ll see the names of some top lawyers from Baker Hostetler.

It seems that Governor Perry and Attorney General Abbott, while loathing DC insiders, certainly don’t mind giving them your money.  These guys have experience fighting for pollution, they represent ExxonMobil.

Questions to ask ourselves as the Comptroller prepares a report for the Legislature next week on the State’s budget shortfall:

1)      How much are Exxon’s Yankee Lawyers costing Texas taxpayers?

2)     How much have the Governor and Attorney General spent on these frivolous lawsuits?

3)     When will Governor Perry start spending state resources on the good of the people and not the good of polluters?

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    It is shameful that Texas fights a fight that if they win will hurt Texas families. It is our water and our air and big corporate campaign contributions show clearly where the heart is in Texas. Anyone who reads what is actually in our water should be outraged! Lets fight to make Texas safe for Texas children not a polluters dream! Put Texas familis ahead of big money- not the other way around!

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