Texas Air Pollution: Yes, There’s Even an App for That!

One of my friends and colleagues recently moved back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area from Austin and was somewhat distressed as a runner knowing that she was facing higher outdoor air pollution levels.

Cruising iPhone apps (applications) one day, she stumbled upon more than one related to air pollution and air quality and wanted me to pass the information along to our Texas readers. One in particular, “MyAirQuality,” is a great, quick reference tool especially for those with asthma or other respiratory illnesses.

Naturally, she wasn’t happy that today’s and tomorrow’s predictions showed medium levels of particulate matter (PM) and that ozone would rise to levels “unhealthy for sensitive populations,” but was grateful to be informed. Being informed, as we all know, is the first step toward problem solving.

Anyone know of other downloadable apps? Please share with us!

MyAirQuality can be found at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myairquality/id319886165?mt=8

Description: The app displays air quality conditions using the same criteria and formats as Federal, tribal, state and local governments use. Concentrations of pollutants – such as ozone and particulate matter – are reported by air quality index (AQI) categories that indicate how polluted the air is and the severity of the associated health risks. AQIs are reported for hundreds of locations in the U.S. The summary screen shows the pollutant of greatest concern and the AQI for three time periods: current conditions, forecast for today’s peak pollution levels and forecast for tomorrow’s peak pollution levels. If the government has issued an “Action Day” alert due to anticipated high pollution levels, the forecast for today or tomorrow is surrounded by a flashing box.

Many thanks to Chris for sharing this great tool!

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