Watch EDF’s New Video On The Triple Bottom Line Benefits Of Clean Energy

We launched a compelling video today that illustrates how clean energy is strengthening our economy, creating American jobs, allowing for energy independence and lessening our carbon footprint.

This video shows how clean energy is thriving and seeks to arm policymakers, entrepreneurs and clean energy advocates with success stories to back that statement up. The video features interviews with Helen Brauner, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Planning for Green Mountain Energy; Congressman Lloyd Doggett, U.S. Representative for Texas’ 25th Congressional District; and Stephen Frank, Electrical Engineer for Xtreme Power.

Like innovations in medicine and telecom, energy innovation shouldn’t be a political issue. But clean energy has suffered from some expensive negative attacks recently.  Not surprisingly, these attacks have mainly come from those who stand to profit from today’s fossil fuel industry – which receives 75 times more subsidies than clean energy sources.

Despite the fact that clean energy has become the “modern-day whipping boy,” it is indeed alive and thriving.  The clean energy sector now creates more jobs than the fossil fuel industry and, just last year, grew nearly twice as fast as the overall economy.

Earlier this year, EDF launched the Energy Innovation Series to promote the role innovation has played in the energy industry and highlight clean energy technologies and new business models that hold the promise of revolutionizing the way we create, transport, manage and use energy.  Throughout 2012, we have highlighted innovations across a broad range of energy categories, including smart grid and renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency financing, and progressive utilities, among others.

See the video and learn more at

After you’ve watched the video, please click here to ask EDF Clean Energy Analyst Colin Meehan any questions you may have. Colin will answer you via Facebook tomorrow, October 23rd, from 4:30-5 pm Eastern Time.

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