The Smart Grid 2025 Has Arrived. And It’s Addicting.

I spent my lunch break yesterday playing an online game.  No, not World of Warcraft; I played Smart Grid 2025, an innovative, multiplayer online game that lets players submit their original ideas on how to design the smart grid of the (not too distant) future.  Once you register, you can submit “Positive Imagination” ideas on what’s needed or “Dark Imagination” concerns about barriers and potential negative outcomes.  The game also allows you to respond – positively or negatively – to other players’ posts.  The more players that build on your ideas, the more points you earn.  And if the game administrators tag your idea as “Most Super Interesting,” you get a whopping 20 points.  I have only gained enough points for the “Inspired” level ranking, but I’m shooting for “Legend!”  If you have a great idea to share, give it a shot:

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