The voices of a new clean energy future – June 22, 2010 “Staying competitive in the clean energy race”

By Phyllis Cuttino, director PEW Environment Group’s climate and energy programs

“Our research found that nations like China and Germany – that have adopted national renewable energy standards, carbon reduction targets and financial incentives for investment and production-tend to be leaders in the clean energy economy. Those with weaker policy frameworks, including the United States, lag behind.”

“As President Obama seeks ways to facilitate global economic growth at Toronto’s G-20 summit he also should also reflect on how to further stimulate the growth of our own clean energy economy at home. This includes finding a way to bring together leaders in Congress to develop a comprehensive climate and energy policy.”

National Journal “Making Polluters Pay”

By Maggie L. Fox, President and CEO of Alliance for Climate Protection

“Without a cap on carbon emissions, we’ll do little to reduce pollution and create only a small fraction of the 1.9 million jobs expected under a comprehensive bill. We need to give American businesses the confidence that support for clean energy is here to stay.”

“Now is not the time for small steps. We have the technology and know-how we need to make the transition to a clean energy future. There will never be a better time for our leaders to pass comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation.”

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