The voices of a new clean energy future – June, 18th 2010

The Huffington Post“Our Senators, the Climate Bill, and Tying Your Shoes with One Hand”

By Heather Taylor-Miesle, Director of the NRDC Action Fund

“It is significant to note that we have 10 more votes in favor of reducing carbon emissions than we did the last time climate change was discussed on the Senate floor two years ago.”

CNN“Break Our Oil Habit Now”

By Michael Brune, Special to CNN

“Taking these early steps is vital to the success of our ultimate goal: a clean energy future that works for America’s middle class — one that creates jobs, boosts our economy and protects our environment.”

“The BP oil disaster in the Gulf is a wake-up call. Americans are tired of letting oil companies call the shots. We are ready to stand up to the oil industry and to protect coastal communities and jobs. We’re ready to move America off of oil and into a clean energy future.”

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