Link: Dave Roberts on “The Story of Cap and Trade”

Many of you have already seen the video, “The Story of Cap and Trade.” David Roberts of Grist writes,

The greenosphere is all abuzz about a new video from Annie Leonard, creator of semi-famous anti-consumerism video/book The Story of Stuff.

While the video is very engagingly done and gets many things right, it unfortunately gets some important things wrong.

David addresses some of those things in his response to it:

…I think it’s the wrong argument. Activists like Leonard are just mis-identifying the barriers to effective climate action. I’ll have lots more to say on that subject soon, but for now, let’s focus on the video.

Click through to watch the video and read David’s post.

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    Thanks for linking to this, Tony. Check out Eric de Place’s post “Cataloguing the Errors in ‘The Story of Cap and Trade'” for more —

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    Cap and Trade schemes are ineffective, counterproductive, and environmentally damaging, while carbon offsets are an out and out fraud.