Stand Up to Big Oil: Attend a Town Hall Meeting

Why should you go to a Congressional town hall meeting and stand up for strong action on clean energy?

Because, according to the Wall Street Journal, the American Petroleum Institute, the lobbying group for Big Oil, is organizing their troops to pack town hall meetings.

Apparently, they admired the work of the anti-health insurance reform protesters, so they’re spending some of their billions in profits to make congressmen believe Americans don’t want clean energy.  As we wrote earlier, most Americans DO support clean energy. But that won’t matter if our elected officials don’t hear from our side, too.

So please see where your representatives are holding a town hall meeting, and go stand up for clean energy.

If there isn’t a town hall in your area, you can still weigh in. Call your Senator’s office and tell them how you feel.

Whichever way you speak up, the point is the same — Big Oil is trying to manufacture a picture of Americans that just isn’t true. And we don’t have to let them.

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  1. Alexx
    Posted August 18, 2009 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    Big Oil companies use these kinds of tactics all the time. Check out this video about Chevron’s attempts to weazel out of a $27 billion lawsuit brought by communities affected by their polluting practices in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Even Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes hates the dirty tricks Chevron is using.