Climate Action Opponents Just Can't Do Math


(Under some provisions of the American Clean Energy and Security Act) “homeowners can be charged $100 a day for not being in compliance .. it’s a new tax on homeowners” — Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL), 6/26/09


Here we go again with the phony cost estimates. The costs of the bill, according to EPA and CBO estimates, will be much closer to $100 per YEAR, not per DAY.

And still, climate action opponents, with no apparent regard for facts or honest debate, have repeatedly, purposefully, blatently, obnoxiously rehashed the $3100/year figure even though the MIT economist who’s study was apparently the basis for this claim has vigorously refuted it.

Where do climate action opponents get their marching orders? Kafka?

In truth, this bill would establish strong targets for energy efficiency in homes and commercial buildings — and then have states, local governments and building-industry professionals tailor local codes to meet those targets, using the same processes they already use today.

In no way does the bill suggest homeowners would be subject to fines. That’s just fiction. Rather, enforcement would remain a local matter just as it is today.

Furthermore, the bill says that new efficiency measures must be cost-effective, meaning the savings homeowners and businesses will see on their utility bills must outweigh the cost of the measures. This will help keep down costs down and reduce our national energy use all at the same time.

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    It is very possible this bill could raise the average American’s utility bill to over $250.00 a month.