More Solar Power: The Future, Here and Now

That’s what David Yarnold had to say about the Earth Day announcement from Wal-Mart and BP Solar to double the number of solar panels on Wal-Mart stores in California over the next 18 months.  The new solar installation project will create more than a hundred jobs while reducing use of energy from the power grid. (See a video of him discussing the announcement on Governor Schwarzanegger’s blog.)

David emphasized that even with progress like this, we still need Congress to act:

We need a national cap on carbon to limit emissions, and a way to reward companies and states that develop and utilize clean energy solutions such as solar. The commitment to Wal-Mart [that] BP is making today is a step in the right direction.

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    I wonder what prevents our government in Bangladesh to go for more solar power when the citizens are suffering so much amid heavy load shedding.Worst sufferers are the students as this is exam month for them. Solar panel should be made mendatory while approving a housing design by the concerned authority in the government. Every house meeting their energy needs should be able to sell surplus energy tot he government for meeeting common needs.