Links for Nerds and Smart Dressers

Sheryl CanterThis post is by Sheryl Canter, an Online Writer and Editorial Manager at Environmental Defense.

Belkin’s Conserve Surge Protector – At the Consumer Electronics Show this month, Belkin showed a new surge protector called Conserve that can shut off six of its eight outlets with a switch, or with a handy remote control (in case you don’t like climbing under your desk). Standby or “phantom” power from devices such as TVs, computers, and battery chargers, can account for up to 20 percent of your electric bill. This device could save you money, as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-Fashion – It used to be only hippies who cared about natural fibers and sustainably produced clothing, but no more. Now top designers have gotten into the act. One company in Denmark, Earth A’Wear, does nothing but.

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