Cool New Energy Technologies

The author of today’s post, Sheryl Canter, is an Online Writer and Editorial Manager at Environmental Defense.

We know we need energy to power, well, everything. And we know that if we continue to get our power mainly from fossil fuels we’re in big trouble. So where do we get it?

Most people have heard about solar power and wind power, but there are some other alternatives that may be new to you.

If you like mountain climbing, have you ever noticed how windy it is when you get to the top? Of the many attempts to harness high altitude wind power, one of the most promising is the Flying Electric Generator (FEG). The FEG is basically a helicopter with no cabin, and looks a little like a giant kite.

Then there’s the power of ocean waves. The Canadian company Finavera Renewables is using buoys to capture wave energy for offshore power plants. It’s like hydroelectric power, but without the need for dams.

Another possibility is geothermal power – energy from heat stored beneath the Earth’s surface. The U.S. Department of Energy supports research into geothermal power, and there are already geothermal power plants in five states.

While these technologies are still in early stages of development, they hold much promise. When the free market is involved, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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