Climate News: Geo-engineering, Soot and Deforestation

Guest blogger Lisa Moore, Ph.D., is a scientist in the Climate and Air Program.

There’s always something new in climate change research. This week, scientists described the risks of geo-engineering, proposed an efficient way to reduce Arctic climate change, and discussed options for decreasing deforestation in developing countries.

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  1. Posted June 12, 2007 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

    We can keep trying to runaway from the global warming. That is our job now. But I do think is too late. We are 6.3 billion people sharing the world, but do we know how many of us care or how many of us know where are we right now?
    We may say there is many many people concered. Yes, there is. But is it enough? Tell to the American or European people to change their lifestyles or to China slowdown the development “just” because the earth is warming up is quite hard. Tibet, North Pole, Andes are melting fastly. Can we make some snow, ice or water to put up those pleaces?
    We have to try the impossible.
    Because the impossible is allready happening.