Two Vets’ Groups Speak Out: Climate Change is a National Security Issue

Two groups of American veterans, military and national security leaders are calling on Congress to take action on clean energy legislation.

Last week we told you about Partnership for a Secure America — a new group that’s calling for a climate bill for the sake of our national security. Now the group has released a signed statement calling for “a clear, comprehensive, realistic and broadly bipartisan plan to address our role in the climate change crisis.”

The statement is signed by 32 heavy-hitters from national politics and the military, and from all over the political spectrum.

At the same time, our friends at Vote Vets are launching a new national TV ad campaign. From their website:

Featuring Iraq War Veterans, (the ad) makes the case that oil profits to the Middle East fund the same terrorists we’re fighting, and closes with the line that “It’s not just a question of American energy, it’s a question of American power.”

Vote Vets has also sent more than one hundred veterans to Washington D.C. this week to push for passage of a bill. They are working with a coalition of other veterans and security groups called Operation Free.

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One Comment

  1. Lawrence Baker
    Posted September 10, 2009 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

    The reason the modern American Green Energy Economy is not moving forward is because independent scientist and individual inventors are without funding. The reason there is no funding is because the economic powers that be, the status quo, has snuffed any State or Federal funding programs for independent green energy inventors.
    Are you surprised there is no level ground? Do you know what scares the hell out of the multinational Big Oil and energy barons?
    The answer is the advancement of science with new inventions that they can’t control (their economy) that would outmode the use of fossil fuels for energy (their product). That is the cause of man made Global Warming and pollution that the Republicans, who represents them, deny any responsibility or that the condition exist. The status quo is maintained. The Earth is doomed to fossil fuel consumption and plastic because it is so profitable for such a few who own everything, including our Congress.
    July 27, 2009 will live as a day of infamy; the President of the U.S representing the multinational corporate empire joining in partnership with the Communist Party representing the Chinese work force. America’s jobs are gone and they are not coming back! The Snipe hunt is over and Americans are left holding the bag.
    American “Free Traitors” have moved to China and we have built a new economy with new green energy inventions.
    Logically, one would think that the first Democrat action would be to utilize our national talent by holding a national green energy science contest thereby acting free from Big Oil. There would be thousands of qualified applicants with new concepts. The winner would receive a one million dollar reward to further develop the new green energy concept. Ten million a month could finance and develop ten new grass root industries employing thousands in green energy jobs. Yes, Americans can reinvent themselves, but first, independent inventors need financing to build models to get new inventions started.
    Out with the old and in with the new, let the best win in science and the lesser fold or be outmoded by something even better. That is fair competition and free enterprise. A modern American Main Street Capitalism based on a green energy economy would grow from the bottom up and not be dominated and controlled by multinational corporations and the Republican Party from the top down. Great inventors were individuals not controlled universities; they need to be funded to move forward with a green economy.