EDF’s California Dream 2.0 Blog Is Moving

“As California goes, so goes the nation.”

The popular saying came about because of California’s penchant for pioneering innovative solutions that tend to catch on across the country. And in no case is that more true than with the type of environmental issues that California confronts on a daily basis.  In fact, efforts to protect and enhance the environmental quality in California are so critical to EDF’s larger programmatic work, it’s rare we don’t mention them to various stakeholders across the nation, not just those within the state’s borders.

For that reason, we’re combining EDF’s California-specific blog with content developed on environmental issues in other states and countries – creating a more holistic look and feel for our readers seeking to understand more about pressing environmental issues and solutions.

Readers of our California content will still get insights and see our discussion on California issues, but they’ll do it on EDF’s other great blogs: Energy Exchange, Climate Talks (global climate), and Climate 411 (U.S. climate).

We’ll make the switch on Thursday, March 31. If you are a regular visitor to California Dream 2.0, please take some time to explore and subscribe to our other blogs and follow our California-specific work on Twitter at @EDF_CA. This will keep you informed on the great work we’re doing here in the state, that’s complementing – and influencing – our work across the globe.

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