EDF and NRDC Seek to Intervene in Defense of California Cap-and-Trade

NOAA just announced that 2012 was officially the warmest year on record for the United States.  With news like this coming out every day, the urgent need to take action on climate change could not be more clear and present.  Fortunately, California is leading the way through innovative solutions that will keep the Golden State at the forefront of new clean energy technologies.

Progress towards meeting the State’s goal of protecting public health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 can be seen all over the Golden State.  Polls show that the people of California overwhelmingly support the law (AB 32) that sets these pollution reduction goals and in 2010 they voted decisively to prevent out-of-state oil companies from delaying this vital progress.   California has made significant progress towards meeting its renewable energy goals having recently reached a 1000 megawatts solar power milestone, and leading power companies are developing a more intelligent and resilient electricity system that will deliver a steady flow of cost-effective clean power to Californians.

California has a long tradition of clean air innovation and leadership.   California spent years litigating during the 2000s, battling major automakers that went to court to block California’s landmark clean cars standards, the first binding limits of climate pollution in our nation.  Now even stronger vehicle standards have swept the nation with leadership from President Obama, the United Auto Workers, numerous states, consumers and — U.S. automakers.  And after this litigious history, the automakers recently stepped-in to defend the new standards in court!  We can begin to see why when we look at the wealth of innovation and car sales that these new, stronger standards have generated.   One of the State’s greatest strengths is that Californians – and thousands of California businesses – recognize that the State’s and the Nation’s economic future lies in a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy that provides good new jobs and sustains public health and natural resources.

The California  Chamber recently showed that they would rather litigate than innovate when they filed a lawsuit challenging California’s cap-and-trade program less than 24 hours before the first California auction for carbon allowances.  The lawsuit shows the California Chamber of Commerce just doesn’t get what so many California business people do understand.  The California Chamber should end the litigation, now, and instead help strengthen California’s vibrant clean energy economy.    We need to cut these harmful pollutants and protect our public health, our communities, our water — and our economy and that’s why EDF and NRDC have applied to the Sacramento Superior Court to join California in defending these protections against the legal attack brought by the California Chamber.

The California Chamber’s members include big businesses and big emitters like: The national meat Association, Vaquero Energy, the California Independent Petroleum Association and the Royal Petroleum Company.

We urge the California Chamber and its members to join those businesses across the Golden State that are investing in engineers, new technologies, and new ideas — not lawyers and obstructionism.  The time to lead, and reap the environmental and economic benefits of clean energy progress, is now.

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