No Surprise Here: Progressive California Utility Wins Climate Leadership Award

In case you missed it, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) just won one of Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) coveted Climate Leadership Awards due to the steps that it’s taking to cut climate pollution.

EDF has worked closely with SDG&E over the past year helping develop its smart grid deployment plan. SDG&E is one of California’s three public utilities that will be using a smart grid to cut air pollution, increase our reliance on renewable energy, accommodate zero emission vehicles, and empower customers to manage energy use and lower their bills.

EPA gave the award to SDG&E because it has set aggressive air quality, energy efficiency, and waste reduction goals. SDG&E can place EPA’s award in the trophy case next to ones it has won each of the past three years for being the nation’s most intelligent utility.

SDG&E has estimated that, with the integration of smart grid technologies, it could cut six million metric tons of global warming pollution and cut fuel costs by $615 million.

EDF commends SDG&E’s choice to develop its business by being a leader in environmental stewardship.

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