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Walking the Walk: Companies Lead the Call for New Clean Truck Standards

trucks flickrAs readers of this blog will know, Texas often prides itself on being a great place to do business. As you will see below, business can also have an important voice in keeping Texas (and the U.S.) a great place to live.

This post, originally published on the EDF+Business blog, is from our colleague Tom Murray, VP, Corporate Partnerships Program who notes that leading companies recognize the business value of clean trucks, for business, for health, and for the planet. We wanted to share this post with Texas Clean Air Matters because of its relevance to the Lone Star State. Our state stands to benefit significantly from the new rules, especially since truck freight in Texas is forecast to grow 120 percent by 2040.  

— The EDF Texas Clean Air Matters Team

A number of America’s most iconic brands helped pave the way for the new Clean Truck standards announced August 16th by the U.S. EPA and DOT. Nearly 400 companies, large and small, publicly urged strong, final fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for heavy trucks.

Through their action, these companies have reaffirmed a basic truth of business today: to be a “leader”, companies must align their sustainability goals and strategies with their external engagement on policy. Read More »

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    Tom Murray (Managing Director, Corporate Partnerships Program)

    Tom's a manager and corporate sustainability advocate with over 10 years of experience leading projects focused on strategy, communications, and process improvement. He directs the work of EDF's Washington, DC Corporate Partnerships Program team, which develops and implements projects with leading companies to create environmental improvements that make business sense.

    Ranked #1 among environmental organizations for credible and effective partnerships by the Financial Times, EDF has kicked off transformations in market sectors from catalogs to overnight shipping to retail to food service and more. Partner companies have included Wal-Mart; UPS; FedEx; DuPont; McDonalds; Citigroup; and others

    Tom's an experienced consultant in environmental management and policy. He has an M.B.A., The George Washington University and a B.A.,Political Science, Trinity College.

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