International Dialogue Highlights Global Opportunities for Supply Chain Sustainability

Complete supply chains are inherently international and logistics decisions made in Bentonville, Arkansas can have impacts in ports such as Callao, Peru just as carrier choices made in Santiago, Chile may affect operations in Houston, Texas. While these complexities present challenges to the transportation and logistics sectors, they are also opportunities to collaborate across regions, companies, and industries. Much of the work required to improve air quality in transportation hot spots and drive efficiency gains in routing and distribution networks involves myriad actors. Of course, carbon accounting and technology adaptation are practices that are not limited to the U.S. and there is growing international interest in making supply chains more sustainable.

An example of new opportunities to engage more broadly on supply chain sustainability comes from last month’s Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Annual Conference. I met a representative from the Buenos Aires-based radio program “Hablemos de Logística” and we discussed trade growth in Latin America, environmental challenges facing the region, industry views on supply chain sustainability, and EDF’s vision and goals for regional efforts on transportation and logistics environmental programs. This interview (in Spanish), which aired on the October 23rd broadcast of “Hablemos de Logística,” captures some of our discussion. The radio program’s media group also includes Foro Logística, an event-based group that hosted the 4th Forum on Sustainability and the Supply Chain on November 6 in Buenos Aires. While the media group focuses on all aspects of supply chain and logistics topics, they understand the growing role that sustainability will play in this sector.

As EDF helps bring sound science and market-based economics to solving some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges, we are regularly looking for new partners and new opportunities. The global nature of supply chains and growing international awareness of transportation-related environmental concerns means there is better availability to work with diverse stakeholders on supply chain sustainability. This work translates to carbon reductions and air quality improvements for numerous regions as sustainability practices (such as those highlighted by my colleague Elena Craft) become more fully integrated in global supply chains.

La logística es internacional por su naturaleza y el interés en la sustentabilidad de la supply chain va creciendo cada año en América Latina. EDF se ha dedicado a solucionar temas de la huella de carbono, la eficiencia en transporte de carga y la contaminación del aire con varios socios del sector comercial, transportación y público. En la conferencia de CSCMP tuvimos la oportunidad de conversar con Fabio Contino, Director de “Hablemos de logística” un programa de radio basado en Buenos Aires. Hablamos sobre  los desafíos medioambientales en la región, el rol de sustentabilidad en la supply chain y la visión de EDF para una logística más eficiente y sustentable. La entrevista fue emitida en el programa del 23 de octubre y también online. EDF espera avanzar estos temas en América Latina y trabajar con autoridades portuarias, el sector del transporte, coordinadores de logística y el sector comercial para realizar una supply chain más sustentable.


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